Mr. Rakesh Kumar

Founder of Satyam Wave +2 School

Aimeee is a best educational platform for students. This helped many students to achieve their goals. And This also provide study materials for students. In my experience many students benefited through Aimeee and take 100% scholarship for own higher education.

Mr. Nishan Ranjan

Rep. of PYP Bihar

Mr. nishant ranjan is rep. of PYP Bihar also member of Gyatri Samaj (Head President of Bihar).

Gopal Jee

Youngest Scientist Of India

Gopal Jee is a Youngest scientist of India and Youngest Chief Scientist at Pacfo also Known as Banana boy of India . By the age of 17, He has done 11 inventions. Some of his inventions, such as the Banana bio cell, has been published around the world in many other countries. It has also been deemed as one of the top 3 inventions for environmental protection by Italy. He has received Appreciation/Offer from many large companies and universities such as NASA, JAIN IRRIGATION ,IBM, iSmart, NJIT America , etc.. He also become Youngest Research Director at the age of 20.

Mr. Raghvendra Kum

Helmetman Of India

The height of of India everyone wants to celebrate, the ground of fall short to show happiness. The only difference is we tell the vevils withought even asking, but we forget the good intentions.Today your goodness is needed to reach every other voice. and to make India a strong nation. Mr. Raghvendrea kumar has distributed 50000+ helmet for saving life of peoples It's make world record to distributing helmet in India

Mr. G.D.Gyani

Founder of Achiver's Point +2 School

Mr. Muzzammil Sidd

Founder of Graviton Academy